Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, & Ivanka Trump give new meaning to the concept of “populism”

White Male Voters and Georgia on My Mind

What happens in Georgia this week doesn’t stay in Georgia. If the Democrats can defy conventional wisdom and win a sweep in Georgia’s run-off election on January 5 for two Senate seats, they can create a 50–50 tie in the Senate, allowing Vice-President Kamala Harris to cast tie-breaking votes to pass legislation, confirm federal judges, and otherwise advance liberal and progressive priorities.

Much of the hope for a Democratic victory hinges on the possibility of a huge turnout among voters of color, and young voters. …

VE Day and the Ongoing Fight against Fascism

On May 7, 1945, German commanders surrendered unconditionally to the Allied Forces in a French schoolhouse, bringing to an end the ruinous, genocidal 12-year reign of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Nazi Germany was directly responsible for untold suffering and the deaths of an estimated 50 million people.

Seventy-five years ago yesterday celebrations erupted around the world. The day designated as “VE (Victory in Europe) Day” was one of the greatest days in human history.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic forced a subdued celebration of this important historical milestone. …

Limbaugh’s boorish persona and his belief in white, male cultural centrality paved the way for the political rise of the bombastic performer currently sitting in the Oval Office.


Originally published

Feb. 4, 2020

When President Donald Trump bestowed the Presidential Medal of Freedom on ailing right-wing, talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh at the State of the Union, it wasn’t just a feel-good moment for his conservative base. It was also a gesture of thanks to a (fellow) media personality who helped set the stage for Trump’s astonishing political success.

Limbaugh’s brash and boorish persona, and his belief…

Donald Trump didn’t come up with the derisive nickname “Pocahontas” for Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. That dubious contribution was the handiwork of Boston-based talk radio host Howie Carr, whose angry resentment of educated elites and mastery of schoolyard bullying rhetoric made him Trump before Trump.

In fact, for anyone who wants insight into the narratives and propaganda techniques in right-wing media that enabled the rise and ruinous reign of Donald Trump, a good place to start is the Howie Carr Show on WRKO — AM 680 radio in Boston.

Carr is a long-time fixture in New England media and politics…

If the Democrats Aren’t Careful, Trump Might Get the Last Laugh

Early in December, a video circulated widely around the globe that showed a group of world leaders at an international summit — including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then soon-to-be Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson — appearing to mock Trump. The video prompted a tremendous outpouring of commentary and discussion about Trump’s standing and stature among world leaders.

In a characteristic treatment in The Washington Post, Michael Birnbaum and colleagues described the situation: “President Trump, who has demeaned his domestic political rivals for being laughed at…

When Donald Trump mocked Democratic House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff last week at a rally in Louisiana as “Little Shifty Schiff,” he was just getting started in his attempted takedown of the Congressman’s manhood.

“He’s got the little 10-inch neck,” the president told the delighted crowd. “What size shirt do you need, Adam? ‘I wear a size nine.’ Nine…he will not make the LSU football team, that I can tell you.”

The Democrats need to pursue impeachment hearings against Trump because it is their constitutional duty to do so. …

An interview with men’s health pioneer Don Sabo, Ph.D.

Indianapolis Colts superstar quarterback Andrew Luck’s announcement on August 24 of his retirement from professional football at age 29 prompted an outpouring of commentary in the sports world and beyond. Luck said in his retirement press conference that due to a series of injuries he was “still in pain,” that he could not live “the life I want to live,” and that he was unable to pour his “heart and soul” into his position, which would “not only sell myself short, but the team as well.”

When I heard Luck’s comments…

Chris Cuomo’s Response to “Fredo” Slur Has Lesson for Democrats

Much of the commentary about CNN host Chris Cuomo’s heated argument at a New York bar earlier this month with a man who taunted him as “Fredo” focused on whether or not the term is a slur against Italian-Americans. That’s understandable, because Cuomo said as much in the heated moments of the exchange, comparing the moniker “Fredo” to the n-word.

But anyone familiar with the central characters in the iconic Godfather movies knows that calling someone Fredo is also a thinly veiled attack on their manhood.

The event sparked a…

Jackson Katz

Author and expert on masculinities, politics, and culture. Creator and co-producer of “The Man Card: White Male Identity Politics from Nixon to Trump.”

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